Isolate the Lat! Go SLOW, feel the pull--- PULL with the lat, NOT your bicep. Spread those "wings"!

Seated Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs SUPERSET with Narrow grip lat pulldowns. Select a moderate weight and try 3 sets of 10-12. Wide Grip will engage your outer back while narrow will engage your inner. Superset the 2 for a great workout.

The exercise above may appear easy, but trust me, if done correctly- it really targets your glutes and hamstrings! Elevate feet to a 90 degree angle (most benches will work fine, or even a chair) As you raise your booty off the floor, SQUEEZE at top and hold. Arms and back remain on floor and feet stay planted on bench. Try 4 sets of 15. Go slow, and focus on squeezing!



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              Welcome to a blog page that just might change your life. Let me tell you a little about myself and what BB FIT is all about. This first blog will only be an introduction of what’s to come every other week. My hope is to inspire all who read this and motivate you to make a change and feel confident and strong.

                BB FIT is a private business own and ran by me, Bethany Belden. I am a woman that loves fitness and eating healthy. I enjoy learning new tricks and tools to keep myself motivated and in shape. I currently hold a personal training license and have worked both inside a gym one on one with clients, and I also have coached online. I have competed in 2 fitness competitions and am eager for more. I want to share with everyone what I love and how it IS POSSIBLE to change your life.  I hear too many excuses and I’m here for you to change that.

                BB FIT is for both men and women looking to feel better, look better, and have self-confidence. BB FIT offers specifically tailored workouts and diets for clients; 12, 16, and 20 week programs are available.

                I’ve started this blog with another female who is very talented in the art of photography. Alisha Sims and I have partnered together and I have  decided to offer mini plans for clients to get into shape before their big photo shoot.  I will offer 6 week packages of diet and training to help you look and feel the best before your pictures with Alisha. For more information on pricing of the mini 6 week package, please contact me @

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Notice above my hand placement on the plates. By changing the grip and keeping hands out, it allows for different muscles to be targeted. Raise arms laterally, keeping head down and belly on bench. Feel the burn! 

This exercise really targets the rear delts. Keep back straight and pull rope to face. Hold and squeeze! ( and don't mind my pregnant belly here!) 😃



1 and 1/2 cup ANY flavor MUSCLE EGG

1 Scoop whey Protein (any flavor)

1/4 cup Oats

2 tsps. Baking powder


*Can add Nuts if desired*

Bake at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes until tops are golden. Enjoy!

Lean back to slight angle, wide grip, palms facing away from body. Pull Down and squeeze. This grip engages your outter Lats and gives you width...working on those Wings!

Narrow Grip Pull Downs:

Lean back to a slight angle and grip bar, palms toward body. Pull down, squeeze and hold at bottom. This grip engages the middle back muscles and improves thickness front to back.

Reverse Hack Squat: Great isolation exercise for the glutes & hamstrings. Focus on going low, and push off the heals coming up. Feel the burn! 

Cable flyes: Focus on pulling through the chest as you let the cables go back. Stay bent over and slight bend in arms to fully isolate the chest. The weight can be light, you will feel much resistance from the cables and angle.

GREAT alternative to normal push-ups. Push straight out and fully extend the arm and release slowly, keeping the tension on the chest.

Reverse Cable Flyes

Here is a great back exercise to fully engage your rear delts. Use proper weight and be strict on form. Maintain straight arms and pull through with your back. Feel the burn! 

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