For years I always thought I ate healthy and what they call "clean." Always struggled because I didn't know why I couldn't make a change in my body while working so hard at the gym and eating "clean." Finally I decided to take upon entering my first fitness competition. Along with my coach, Bethany has been a HUGE part in my success with her knowledge in what's called macros. I never knew how important counting your proteins, carbohydrates, and fats were until I started training. Now almost 10 weeks in, and 2 more weeks to go until my show it's amazing the results you get when you actually follow the right guidelines along with the right amounts of "clean" foods

Steph B.

"Bethany interviewed me to figure out my likes, dislikes and other pertinent information.  She created a custom meal plan designed specifically for me and it works! I lost 20 pounds and still applying the principles she tought me with my all my food purchases.  Not only did she do a great meal plan for me but she taught me how to cook the right way. Thanks Bethany I couldn't have done it without you!!"

Darren Roberts 

"This is the first tax season where my metabolism actually kicked in. I'm eating oatmeal every morning with berries, and broccoli and chicken for lunch and snacking in between. I have to eat every few hours but it works.  I usually gain 20 pounds every tax season and this tax season I've maintained my weight without exercise!"

"If it wasn't for Bethany, I would have no idea how to eat healthy! I have always eaten junk food like cookies and candy just because it tasted good. I didn't know what would taste good if it wasn't junk! Bethany has taught me how to live a lifestyle of heathy eating without all the sugar. Now I'm in a position where I know what's good and bad and am prepared to have a baby and start a family with healthy eating!"

Lisa Roberts